OPITO Approved - Rigger Initial Training

Course Description

The Rigger Initial Training (formerly known as Stage 1) is for personnel who have had little or no training and experience in rigging and lifting operations and who want to start their journey to becoming a competent Rigger in the oil & gas industry.

Why choose this course?

If you want to start a career in oil and gas, OPITO Rigger Initial Training is an ideal entry-level training course.

As a standalone course, it will enable you to seek employment as a Rigger, but combined with other training such as IRATA Rope Access, and ECITB Mechanical Joint Integrity training, you can open the door to more specialist and technical careers in oil and gas.

Entry level Riggers' day rates start at around $56 USD a day in Asia and the Middle East, but rise to as high as $350USD in Africa. Demand for Riggers is high as at 01/05/2023.

Who is the course for?

The Rigger Initial Training course is personnel who have had little or no training and/or experience in rigging and lifting operations and wish to gain an Industry-recognised introductory certificate in rigging and lifting operations prior to undertaking further supervised workplace training.

What certificate will i receive?

Upon successful completion of the course learners will be awarded with a OPITO Approved Certificate, with no expiry.

Certificates can be verified through our website or through the OPITO Vantage System and TRAIN-R App.

What can the course lead to?

Following the Rigger Initial Training course, learners will return to the workplace and complete their Rigger Workplace Experience Logbook, before returning to complete their Rigger Competence Assessment (Formerly Stage 3), to confirm them as competent riggers.

OPITO approved training is the global standard for the energy sector. Certification is valid globally, in industries such as oil and gas and renewables and, in combination with other certificated training, can lead to a number of roles.

Visit www.opito.com for more information.

What is the duration of the course?

The optimum ‘contact time’ for this training programme is seen as 24 hours over 3 days.

Optimum contact time is based on the maximum number of learners attending.

What are the entry requirements?

There are no pre-requisites for Stage 1 Initial Training.

Training contains physically demanding and potentially stressful elements. All personnel who participate in such training must be medically fit and capable of participating fully.

Delegates must either:

a. Possess an employing company approved medical certificate equivalent to an offshore medical certificate; or

b. Undergo medical screening by completing an appropriate medical screening form provided by GSS.

What does the course cover?

The aim and objectives of the OPITO Rigger Initial Training course are to provide the learner with knowledge of the rigging principles, general hazards and risks of rigging and lifting operations, an awareness of relevant legislation and regulation, and an opportunity to practice basic rigging operations following a lifting plan.

The Initial Training course allows the learner to demonstrate basic Rigger practical skills, following instruction and demonstration by the training staff. This Training Programme aims to prepare the learners for the next stage of the progression path to becoming a competent rigger i.e. Rigger Workplace Experience Logbook.

Course Summary

Unit OIS 198: The Role of the Rigger and an Introduction to Lifting Operations

Outcome 1: The role of the Rigger

Outcome 2: Introduction to lifting operations - relevant legislation and management of the hazards

Unit OIS 199: Rigging and Lifting Operations

Outcome 1: The principles of rigging and lifting

Outcome 2: How to prepare for the lifting operation

Outcome 3: Preparation for lifting operations

Outcome 4: Carrying out the lifting operation

Outcome 5: Restoring the work area and post-operation responsibilities

How is the course assessed?

Learners will be assessed against the theory outcomes through a written test.

Learners will be assessed against the practical criteria, through observation of them completing a series of practical lifts, including:

1.A load with an offset centre of gravity

2.A load which requires a minimum of two leg bridle/slings

3.A load with anchor/attachment points or slinging arrangements that differ in height from each other

Course info

  • Certificate
  • OPITO Certificate - Valid for 2 years

  • Duration
  • 3.0 days

  • Who is it for
  • For personnel who have had little or no training and experience in rigging and lifting.

  • Fitness
  • A general standard of fitness

Next course starts

12 Jun


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