OPITO Approved - Basic H2S Training (Theory Only)

Course Description

This OPITO Approved Basic H2S Training (Theory only) course is for those who require the theory only training from the 9014 OPITO Basic H2S Training.

It is intended for personnel that are, or could be, working in an environment that could become contaminated by H2S gas. Learners have the option to complete the practical units within 3 months to obtain a full 9014 OPITO approved Basic H2S Certificate.

This course can be delivered at our training centre or remotely via Zoom.

Why choose this course?

Choosing our 'OPITO Approved Basic H2S Training' opens the door to a wealth of benefits. Here's why you should consider this training program:

Industry Recognized Certification: This course provides an OPITO-approved Basic H2S Training certificate, which is internationally recognized. OPITO is a global, industry-led organization that sets standards in skills, training, and competency for the oil and gas industry, giving you the credibility to demonstrate your competence to employers worldwide.

In-depth and Practical Training: Our Basic H2S Training course is carefully designed to balance theory and hands-on practice, preparing participants for real-world scenarios. You'll gain knowledge and understanding of the hazards and properties of H2S, occupational exposure limits to H2S, types of detector equipment, and types of respiratory equipment. The course also includes practical exercises such as operating personal H2S detection equipment and donning and operating an escape breathing apparatus.

Expert Trainers: Our trainers are industry professionals with years of experience. They're not just teaching the course – they've lived it, ensuring you're learning from those deeply familiar with the intricacies of handling H2S.

Safety-Focused: Safety is paramount in the industry, and our course prioritizes safe working practices. We'll equip you with the necessary knowledge to respond appropriately to a H2S related incident, reducing the risk of accidents and making your workplace safer.

OPITO Standards: As an OPITO-approved course, the training aligns with the highest industry standards. This means you're learning up-to-date practices that are relevant, valued, and demanded by employers in the oil and gas industry.

Career Advancement: This certification can boost your career prospects, opening up opportunities for roles that require this specialized skill set. Stand out in the job market with an OPITO-approved Basic H2S Training certificate.

Enroll today, and set yourself apart in the industry with the advanced knowledge and skills acquired from our course.

Who is the course for?

The OPITO Basic H2S Training standard covers the emergency response competency requirements for personnel working in potential H2S environments.

This training covers the characteristics of hydrogen sulphide gas and the potential physiological effects of exposure, as well as the use of H2S detection equipment and escape breathing apparatus.

The course is the theory only unit from the full OPITO Approved Basic H2S Training Courses.

What certificate will i receive?

Upon successful completion of the course, Learners will be awarded with an OPITO certificate and card/

Cards and certificates can be verified through our website or through the OPITO Vantage System and TRAIN-R App.

All cards and certificates will be issued immediately to learners. Digital copies are available upon request.

Learners will have the option to complete the practical units and outcomes within 3 months. Those completing the practical will receive a 9014 OPITO Approved Basic H2S Training certificate.

What can the course lead to?

OPITO approved training is the global standard for the energy sector. Certification is valid globally, in industries such as oil and gas and renewables and, in combination with other certificated training, can lead to a number of roles.

Visit www.opito.com for more information.

What is the duration of the course?

The optimum ‘contact time’ for this training programme is seen as 2 hours.

What are the entry requirements?

There are no prerequisites required for Basic H2S Training.

Medical Requirements

Training contains physically demanding and potentially stressful elements. All personnel who participate in such training must be medically fit and capable of participating fully.

Learners must:

1.Complete a GSS medical screening form prior to attendance.

What does the course cover?

The aims and objectives of the training are to ensure that the learner gains the required knowledge and understanding of the particular hazards and properties of H2S, and appropriate emergency response actions to take should a H2S related incident arise.

The objectives of the training are that learners will be able to:

(a) Understand and explain the properties and associated hazards of H2S.

(b) Understand and explain information relating to the function and use of relevant detection and respiratory protection equipment.

(c) Understand and practice appropriate emergency response actions including the use of detection and escape equipment.

Course Summary

Unit OIS 91 Basic H2S Training - Theory

Outcome 1: H2S Hazards, Emergency Response Actions and Apparatus

Outcome 2: Safe use of essential PPE when dealing with H2S Hazards and Emergencies

How is the course assessed?

Learners will be given a written test which will allow them to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding.

Course info

  • Certificate
  • OPITO Certificate

  • Duration
  • 4 hrs

  • Who is it for
  • Intended for personnel that are, or could be, working in an environment that could become contaminated by H2S gas, and require theory only training.

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