This course is designed for operatives who will be responsible for rescuing a casualty from a tplatform, such as scaffolding, or monkey board.

A foundation module for any employees involved in work at height using Personal Fall Protection. This module will also give supervisors an insight into the requirements and safe use of PFPE for work at height

This course is theory based and is intended as a prerequisite to practical training.

For personnel to safely install and use their own fall arrest equipment and have a good understanding of the principles and techniques involved

This course is designed for operatives who will be responsible for rescuing a casualty from a tower crane or similar structure.

Module 1 & 5C from SpanSets range of height safety modular training courses.

Course for workers in the telecommunications and broadcast industry providing the knowledge, understanding and practical skills to work safely on towers and masts.

During training you will be instructed in the safe use of pfpe used whilst climbing, the operation of permanently installed fixed safety systems and additional fall prevention equipment.

The course is intended for those who are required to carry out and record detailed inspection "thorough examination" of harnesses and lanyards as a nominated competent person.

On completion of the course attendees will also gain insight into the design, testing and manufacturing processes, as well as practical activities involving inspection and testing of damaged equipment.

This course is aimed at those who are required to use lifting equipment to haul items up into position on tall structures such as telecoms riggers, theatre stage riggers, steel erectors and Police Support.

This course is designed to provide learners the necessary skills to operate both safely and efficiently when faced with what can be a stressful situation.

On completion of training, learners will be able to use the kit in a variety of locations and to rescue a casualty who has fallen from a platform.

They will also be capable of recovering casualties who are suspended from a fall arrest lanyard, wire rope fall arrest block or flexible line fall arresters.

This programme is designed for personnel who maybe required to perform a rescue from height using a SPANSET Gotcha Pole Rescue Kit.

Visit for more details on available rescue kits.

This course has been developed for those who require essential training in the use of the Gotcha CRD Rescue Kit for both rescue and evacuation.

On completion of training, you will have the required knowledge and practical skills to rescue an unconscious casualty from a Tower Crane or similar high structure.

You will also have used the kit to perform an emergency evacuation from a structure